50′ 40k 8mm High-Pressure Hose with Tough Jacket


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Ultra High Pressure Hose

Parker 40k 8mm (5/16”) Hose w/ 9/16” HPTN End Fittings w/ Tough Jacket

  • Parker Hannifin 40,000 psi 8mm (5/16”) Hose

  • 9/16” High Pressure Tube Nipple Stainless End Fittings

  • Tough Jacket Protective Cover

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  • For very-high pressure lances with working pressures up to 300MPa for the construction and shipbuilding industries or for common industrial cleaning applications.
  • Mainly used for hydro-demolition and removal of accumulated dirt and materials from surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and tanks.


Core Tube: Polyoxymethylene
Pressure reinforcement: Eight spiral layers of maximum tensile steel wire
Cover: Polyamide
Color: DN5: red, DN8: yellow, DN12: black

Temperature Range: -10c up to +70c

See the Parker Catalog 4462 Global Edition

Tough Jacket

Tough Jacket
Tough Jacket