Sapphire Nozzles


All Jetting manufactures a variety of high performing and affordable sapphire waterjet nozzles, and water blasting nozzle carriers.

Years in the UHP Waterjetting industry have allowed us to create and perfect a high cohesive water blasting nozzle tip that will last and save you money to improve your company’s bottom line.

Our complete line of High pressure and Ultra high pressure water blasting sapphire nozzles are manufactured in the USA with high polished Swiss sapphire jewels for increased cutting and cleaning power. The durability and quality of our hydroblasting nozzle will give you high performance on your water blasting jobs, and all at an incredible economical price.

We offer free samples of our nozzle jets – just contact us with the orifice size and nozzle jet type needed for your waterjetting project. If you need help determining the size nozzles you need for your waterblast job, just give us a call or email us and we will calculate the nozzle that you need. 772-286-1218 or

All Jetting’s UHP Sapphire nozzles are:

  • Heat treated for longevity and durability are manufactured with 17-4 stainless steel
  • Rated for use up to 60,000 PSI / 4,138 bar
  • Each nozzle is Laser marked with the orifice size
  • Orifice sizes are available from .003” to .040” (.076mm to 1 mm)
  • Common sizes are available for same-day shipping

Most Popular High Pressure Waterjetting Sapphire Nozzles:

  • 3/8” Hex Sapphire Nozzle – Interchangeable with Hornet style, OS6 Badger style,
  • and Stripe Hog® style nozzles.
  • ¼” Sapphire Nozzle – Interchangeable with the OS4 Gopher style nozzle
  • 7/16” Sapphire Nozzle – Interchangeable with the OS7 Barracuda style nozzle
  • 5/16” Sapphire Nozzle – Interchangeable with the UHPX style nozzle
  • M10 Sapphire Nozzle – Common in many European water blasting pumps

We also produce a full line of surface nozzle carriers for air rotational gun work and tube cleaning.

Superior Quality Jets for Water Blasting

All Jetting’s hydroblasting nozzles are manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel which is tested and certified at 60,000 PSI.

We purchase only superior high polished sapphire jewels that are manufactured in Switzerland. These sapphires are Swiss precision manufactured and the tooling and procedures date back over 120 years to the watch-making industry, a more regimented process than the water-jet industry.

This high quality sapphire nozzle is the key to optimum performance in ultra high pressure nozzle tips. The sapphires are meticulously inspected after installation into each and every nozzle. The sapphire orifice in the Waterjetting nozzle is based on the Venturi theory. Water is pressurized at ultrahigh pressures to create a precise water flow. Your Waterjetting nozzle jet cleaning and cutting projects will be successful with our high quality hydro blasting nozzles.

The CNC Machines that are used for nozzle manufacturing are CNC lathes which are specific for the production of precision parts; the medical and dental fields have many of their implants manufactured on STAR lathes because of the infallible precision of these machines.

All Jetting’s high cohesive water blasting nozzles have been in the water jetting field for 25 years. Call us for a superior hydro-blasting waterjet nozzle that will make your job run smoothly and more profitable.

Proudly made in the USA.